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About Us

We are Paul Cagle and Holly Parkes owners of Neapolitan Home Watch. We are Naples homeowners since 2003. Paul is retired from law enforcement and a veteran of the Marine Corp.

Holly has been in the food business her whole life. Most recently she was a food broker, with her own business, assisting companies in new product development and sales. She has worked with Newman's Own and Cooking Light Magazine to build product lines. Her local passions are building more dog parks in Collier County & active in the Blue Zones Project in Naples.

Harry Chapin Food BankBlue Zones Project of Southwest Florida

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In Collier County, many families have food insecurity and go hungry. This year, when you get ready to leave Florida, consider donating any shelf stable pantry items to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Place a bag by the door filled with your non-perishable food and mark the bag. "Food Bank". As your home watch company, when we make our first visit to your home, we will pickup the food and take it to Harry Chapin Food Bank. This year, the Harry Chapin Food Bank is feeding 39,730 people and 14,600 children. They have 30 partner agencies in Naples, Florida.

The Blue Zones Project of Southwest Florida is engaged to make Southwest Florida a happier, healthier place to live while realizing basic needs, such as food, is a top priority. The Blue Zones Project recognizes this, which is why we are partnering with Harry Chapin Food Bank to lessen those plagued with Food insecuries and then work on advancing healthy eating through education.

Holly Parkes